The Anti-XXX Content Filtering Service

Welcome to EZFilter


EZFilter is a Web Proxy based filtering service that promotes safety, productivity, privacy and a positive Web experience while promoting bandwidth efficiency. EZFilter is secure, simple to install, and easy on the pocket.

By focusing only on X-rated adult oriented content, EZFilter allows schools, libraries, and other organizations to filter that content that is truly adult oriented. This relieves the pressure on staff from assuming the role of Chief Censorship Officer.

EZFilter is the perfect balance between advanced Internet technology and human review that delivers the Internet in a safe, easy to manage and maintain environment!


To discuss the EZFilter service in further detail or request a free 30 day evaluation, please contact EZFilter at: info@EZFilter.net


Service starting as low as Only $29.95/Month!


To contact us: E-mail: info@EZFilter.net